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Biggest projects inside ARhackintosh

The community

A Community dedicated to discussing the Latest News and updates in the Hackintosh world, with clear and continent rules that make it easier to share solutions, with a clear installation guide for everybody to use.

ارشيف الكيكست

Kext Archive

The biggest archive for Hackintosh drivers, to make it easier to find drivers for the Arabic Hackintosher

شرح تثبيت الهاكنتوش

Hackintosh installation guide

The first and biggest Arabic Hackintosh guide, fully open source.
now with support for macOS 11 Big Sur and OpenCore bootloader

Hackintosh is installing macOS on non-apple devices

ARhackintosh is the community for All things Hackintosh in Arabic.
In addition to our projects above, we also write topics and new guides about Hackintosh
We also cover the latest news in Hackintosh

Latest updates in the ARhackintosh Project

أرشفة مشروع هاكنتوش بالعربي

يدخل مشروع هاكنتوش بالعربي مرحلة الأرشفة, مع تغيرات لتحسين تجرِبة المستخدم في الشرح والموقع الرئيسي, وثبات المحتوى لأطول مدة ممكنة مع تحسينات لسرعة استجابة جميع صفحات المشروع.